Like a Fable: the Magic of Theatre in 24 Costumes

The splendour of La Scala comes to life in the sumptuous Sale degli Arazzi of the Palazzo Reale. Splendid costumes worn by icons of the opera and ballet offer a trip through time, discovering the evolution of tastes and styles from the Thirties to our times. In these 24 costumes selected from the store-rooms of La Scala and skilfully restored, one can hear the echoes of the most celebrated masters of the history of theatre: from Luigi Sapelli alias Caramba, legendary scenographer and costume designer of Toscanini, to Gianni Versace; from the multi-talented Franco Zeffirelli to Oscar-winner Piero Tosi, Gabriella Pescucci and Franca Squarciapino, without forgetting the Baroque incantations of Pier Luigi Pizzi and the poetry of an observer of history such as Anna Anni. Four halls for four thematic sections in this exhibition inspired by the atmosphere of the stage, while the view switches from dazzling costumes to the projection of great performances of historic stagings directed by Visconti and Strehler, Wilson, Carsen or Ronconi. An anthem to the beauty of the theatre as a total art form, which has always permitted fashion designers the liberty to risk, experimenting with forms and materials beyond our wildest dreams.

Francesca grego - © 2017 for Bulgari Hotel Milano