Ode to Childhood at the Triennale Design Museum

Do you remember “correction fluid”, the feared red pencil or even the powder mixed with water to make ink? Here’s a luscious dive into the world of childhood - in those spaces possessed by children, the objects they used and the images that amused them and tell their story - the exhibition is entitled "Giro Giro Tondo. Design for Children". The spaces of the Triennale Design Museum offer a magic itinerary that starts with an Ouverture curated by designer Stefano Giovannoni dedicated to educational design with a pop soul. Greeting the children is the huge face of “Quadrantino” with his wild gaze, who acts as guide and mascot of the museum. The Ouverture hall that has the words “memoria” and “immaginario” (“memory” and “imagination” respectively) is full of unusual objects, such as a seat that becomes a bunny rabbit and an eggcup-child. The Casetta shows the evolution of school architecture during the last centuries, the Libro di Pinocchio, giant-sized, of course, boasts of all the versions of “Pinocchi” that it spawned. An itinerary full of sound, visual and perceptive cues guides guests through the five large sections dedicated to the relationship of children with objects, furnishings, games, architecture, signs, images and education. Special displays are dedicated to especially important figures: from Depero to Munari, from Dalisi to Pinocchio, to the pencils, erasers and correction fluid that generations of children handled at school.
Samantha De Martin - © 2017 ARTE.it for Bulgari Hotel Milano