Post Zang Tumb Tuum: Art between the Two Wars

The turmoil of art between the two wars is on display at the Fondazione Prada, in an exhibition that narrates an era of transformation. Masterpieces of painting and sculpture offer a privileged view of history, with its creative ferment and social upheaval. But also photos, posters, architectural projects, furnishings, written testimonies, politician’s affirmations and writer’s tirades help bring events and places back to life. Greeting visitors is Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the guru of the Futurists: behind a table set right out of the ‘20s, he barks orders at a waiter, while in the background is a famed painting by Umberto Boccioni, Dinamismo di un Foot-Baller. The poet of the “parole in libertà” or “free words” is an icon here of a time between the avant-garde and a return to order. The works of painters such as Balla and Depero, Casorati, De Chirico and Morandi, along with the sculptures of Arturo Martini, Fausto Melotti, Adolfo Wildt set the stage. Just like in a diary, the artistic and cultural events of two decades pass by: the grand exhibitions of the regime, the biennials, but also the affirmation of important artists and their exploits abroad, right up to the art of opposition and the first signs of the fall of fascism. Not to be missed, the reconstruction of 20 exhibits in which emblematic masterpieces of those years are presented to the contemporary public.
Francesca Grego - © 2018 for Bvlgari Hotel Milano