Dolci - by Gianluca Fusto


Bulgari Hotel London Boutiques Dolci by Gianluca Fusto

Encompassing everything sweet on the menu, the ‘Dolci’ created for The Bulgari Lounge by pastry chef and chocolatier Gianluca Fusto include cakes ‘Torte’, Mono Porzioni for one, desserts and Il Cioccolato, Bulgari Hotels & Resorts signature handcrafted chocolate gems. With a focus on three-ingredient creations, Fusto layers flavours in a way that is bold and unexpected, innovative and masterful.

Bulgari Hotels London Dolci Miele


Raw and natural, Miele is a delicacy all about the thistle honey from Sicily on a crunchy Sable Breton biscuit base and lemon sponge topped with a layer of peanut cream and chocolate strings for a pleasantly intense sweet finish.

Bulgari Hotels London Dolci Lucente


Bold and bright, Lucente is inspired by the blinding Mediterranean sun in a crunchy and mousy pastry filled with Mandarin cream and infused with Amaretto for a full almond flavour to reminisce the carefree Italian summer days.

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