In the Amazon Forest with Daniel Steegmann Mangrané

In the Amazon Forest with Daniel Steegmann Mangrané

Nature and technology mix in the work of Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Catalan artist based in Brazil who made the rainforest the centre of his work.
From design to virtual reality, from sculpture to video and even holograms, Steegmann Mangranè puts the senses of visitors at the centre of his exhibitions, in an intense physical experience that challenges the standard practices of exhibitions themselves. For HangarBicocca, he hung feathery white cloth, membrane-thin, which redefines the industrial space, entering into play with variations of the lighting. Within this setting, the works appear as apparitions, offering views of the biodiversity of the Amazon or geometrical patterns inspired by nature.
In a tangle of branches, leaves and animals, the attraction of the artist towards the insect kingdom emerges - above all, the phasmatodea or stick insect, with its remarkable ability for camouflage. In A Transparent Leaf Instead of The Mouth, for example, phasmatodeas and leaf insects live in a terrarium populated by local plants and shrubs - while on one hand, they get lost in the environment, on the other, they give life to the environment, constantly moving amidst the vegetation. Thus, the natural and artificial establish a profound interconnection, where even the confines between reality and fiction seem to break down. New relations rise over the horizon in an homage to the fragility of precious rain forest.
Francesca Grego - © 2019 for Bulgari Hotel Milano