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Ouka Leele: Tribute to Multidisciplinarity

An exhibition dedicated to the Spanish photographer and multidisciplinary artist Ouka Leele opens at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere. Born in 1957 and recently deceased, Leele was able to combine photography and painting, giving shape to an original form of art. The exhibition follows the intention of the Roman Museum to continue the exhibition of Spanish photographers active in the lively period of the Madrid nightlife of the 1980s. The exhibition dedicated to Ouka Leele retraces the entire career of this artist, winner of the National Photography Award in 2005, with 90 works of different sizes, formats and techniques. The exhibition will be completed by videos, catalogs and documentary material. Works from Ouka Leele's first exhibition, Peluquería, up to more recent works, such as the series taken in Asturias A donde la luz me lleve, or that of drawings with botanical motifs Floral, offering an overall vision of the creative universe of this artist.

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