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Arnaldo Pomodoro's Imaginary Theater

Arnaldo Pomodoro is considered one of the greatest contemporary Italian sculptors. His artworks often take the form of particular bronze spheres, which open up in front of the viewer revealing an internal mechanism. It is this contrast between the perfect smoothness of the sphere and the hidden complexity of the interior that is central to his art. The exhibition at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome is a large autobiographical "theater" that traces 70 years of the artist's career. A show, both real and mental, historical and imaginative, introduced by four sculptures placed at the four external corners of the large building in the EUR district. Inside the palazzo, once you have crossed the entrance, the exhibition is organized as a work in two acts and an intermezzo corresponding to the two main rooms and the passage that connects them. Concreteness and utopia, sign and archetype, matter and vision, three-dimensionality of the work and two-dimensionality of the document, sharing in the public space and personal research conducted in the studio and in the archive are integrated by outlining the plot of a single story, from which multiple references emerge to the many "civilizations" to which Pomodoro's works refer. Archaic civilizations, ancient and modern, real and fantastic, from which his sculptures take shape. An experience straddling archeology and futurology, which invites the viewer to question the very idea of time and space and the relationship between man and nature.

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