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Boris Mikhailov and the Subversive Power of art

Considered one of the most influential contemporary artists in Eastern Europe, Boris Mikhailov has always focused his work as a photographer around social and political themes. His shots straddle documentary photography, conceptual work, painting and performance. His photographs invite us to reflect on the upheavals that accompanied the collapse of the Soviet Union and the consequences of its dissolution in Ukraine. Conceived in close collaboration with the artist, the exhibition brings together hundreds of images that draw from more than 20 of his most important series, up to his most recent works. Reconciling humor and tragedy, Mikhailov continues to defend creative freedom as a means of resistance, demonstrating the subversive power of art. He bears witness to the influence of the Soviet system on his country for half a century, constructing a complex and powerful photographic account of contemporary history which, in light of current events, is all the more touching and enlightening.

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