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Dialogue between the modern Caravaggio and the romantic Goya

Two artists and two masterpieces separated by almost two centuries of history find themselves talking in a room of the Capitoline Museums. Thanks to an agreement with the Prado National Museum, Goya's painting The Parasol (El quitasol, 1777) is exhibited next to Caravaggio's La Buona Ventura (1597), inviting visitors to reflect on the modernity of two great interpreters of European painting. Caravaggio and Goya were both extraordinary interpreters of the society of their time and brought revolutionary innovations in style and choice of subjects into their painting. There are many analogies: both paintings belong to their youthful activity, the protagonists are a woman and a man, they truthfully describe a scene of everyday life in contemporary society and reveal those symptoms of rebellion against the iconographic and stylistic conditioning imposed by customs and academic rules of their time.

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