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Emilio Prini: a 50-year career

Fifty years of art, from 1966 to 2016, to reconstruct the path of one of the most enigmatic artistic figures in the recent history of Italian art, Emilio Prini. "I have no plans, I'm groping" declared the artist, considering his work as a single journey of constant rewriting. Prini has always refused to understand the work as a closed and defined object, and so the exhibition project also intends to reflect and make explicit this position. Works, photographs, invitations, typescripts on paper and interventions in catalogs are displayed without distinction on the walls of the large room of the MACRO, while sculptures and three-dimensional objects are arranged in the centre. From the artist's first attempts to measure spaces to the studies of his own body and that of people close to him in relation to the environment, documenting these experiments through photography. And also the urban surveys of a curved wall, a sloping road and a step, explorations and measurements of public space and architectural details of Genoa, the city where he lived at the time. And then three-dimensional objects in wood or iron, which translate these urban surveys into architectural volumes. Over 250 works exhibited in a chronological itinerary.

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