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Manuel Felisi's life-size "zoo"

In the Orangery of Villa Borghese, in the rooms of the Carlo Bilotti Museum, a few steps from what was once called a zoo and today is called Bioparco, the Milanese artist Manuel Felisi has found the ideal location for his new exhibition. The theme explored by Felisi is the animal kingdom and nature in danger which are told here through 80 works created on a one-to-one scale, life-size. In his artistic practice Felisi uses photography to stop time, to measure places, objects, people, animals and feelings. His works are composed of layers of different materials that always follow the same "scientific" order and which, as in an alchemical ritual - from painting to printing - guide the creation of his works. In this exhibition, which starts from shots of wild animals collected during a trip to Africa, Felisi recreates the idea of a sort of enchanted garden, a magical temple that protects animals from pitfalls and dangers, a sort of biblical Ark that is at the same time also a gigantic Bestiary, which plays and compares with Andrea Pazienza's comics and Bruno Munari's animal toys.

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