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Rome: from the Republic to the Beginnings of the Empire

Palazzo Caffarelli presents a major exhibition that traces the characteristics and transformations of Roman society through five centuries of history, from the birth of the Republic to the creation of the Empire. The exhibition itinerary consists of a rich selection of about 1800 works, including artifacts in bronze, local stone, in rare cases marble, above all terracotta and ceramics. Great space is given to the archaeological remains which testify to the construction phases, the artisanal characteristics and the artistic level of the Templar buildings on the Campidoglio and in the Campo Marzio. On public display for the first time are the remains of the votive deposit which also came to light in the same period in Campo Verano, and those identified in the 1930s during the excavation of the Velia Hill and near the Mithraeum of the Circus Maximus. The exhibition then tells the stages of development of quality craftsmanship which, from forms and techniques linked to the traditions of the archaic age, develops over the course of the 4th and 3rd centuries with new productions, entirely painted crockery, both in red and in black and the pottery decorated with red figures. Finally, the exhibition gives space to the story of the self-celebration of the aristocracy and emerging Roman families. An important place of expression during the Republican Age, in the funerary monuments placed along the access roads to the city, to be read in the broader program of control of the institutions and of the city's political life.

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