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The ancient and memory in the shots of Mimmo Jodice

The Mediterranean, cradle of civilization, was the field of investigation of Mimmo Jodice for over twenty years, between the 80s and 90s of the last century. The great Italian master of photography, born and lived in Naples, has turned his lens to projects dedicated to Mediterranean culture and archaeology, dealing with the themes of the ancient, of memory, of origins, pursuing visions that are placed outside From reality. The result was a progressive broadening of the horizon, guided by the idea of an extended city. Mimmo Jodice started by exploring the area closest to him (Paestum, Neapolis, Pompeii, Cuma, Baia), then turned to the landscape of the countries bordering the Mediterranean, from Greece to Tunisia, from Jordan to Libya, and finally it has embraced museums around the world. The exhibition is testimony to this.

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