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The beauty of the real world and art in the magical formula of the golden number
Valentina De Martini, Pink elephant 2, 2024, Oil on canvas, 240 × 200 cm

What does mathematics have to do with nature and art, or with our perception of beauty? It's a question of proportions, experts tell us. The answer is to be found in the so-called "golden number", known since ancient Greece. It is a number considered divine that is close to 1,618 and expresses a ratio between lengths. In the Renaissance it was even a symbol of aesthetic perfection to be used in architecture and art. The works exhibited at the Bioparco invite us to go in search of what attracts us in the shapes of animals that we perceive as "beautiful". From the large pink elephant to the flamingo, from the yellow tiger to the crocodile, from the lion to the giraffes, from clouds of birds to monkeys: the harmonious proportion of the shapes of the animals represented by the artists are then found, outside the walls, in the real world. Art, mathematics and nature thus create an exciting and intense overall vision, which allows us to reconnect with animals as an integral part of the immense work of art that is the natural world.

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