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Those Wonderful "jump" Portraits by Philippe Halsman

A large monographic exhibition tells the story of the genius of Philippe Halsman, one of the most famous portrait photographers of the twentieth century. Author of over 100 covers for the most important glossy magazines in the world, Vogue above all, putting incredible characters from Albert Einstein to Marylin Monroe, from Salvador Dalì to the Dukes of Windsor in front of his lens. The key to the success of this portrait artist, born in Riga in Latvia in 1906 and who became a giant of photography on the other side of the ocean, is his innate ability to put his models at ease, to make them play, to entertain them. One of his most famous inventions is that of jumping. Halsman invented the idea of making his subjects jump in front of the camera: "jumpology" was born, where the most famous people dare to go where no one had ever had the courage to make them go. And so we immediately see that Halsman's models are not rigid and "packaged", but rather that they surprise themselves and happily participate in this game of mirrors. This first Italian retrospective celebrates his work with a series of extraordinary images, created with irony and profound lightness. At the Trastevere Museum until 7 January 2024.

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