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Time Travel Through the Barricades

On the pages of the Dresdner Zeitung of May 3, 1849, the anarchist Mikhail Bakunin coined the neologism Barrikadenwetter (time of barricades). The term indicates the moment in which a revolutionary subject becomes an obstacle in opposition to the established order. Starting from a historical investigation conducted by the Arsenale Institute - a research group that has been engaged for years in projects linked to the visual arts and the critical analysis of the politics of representation - the exhibition explores the construction, concept and iconography of the barricade by its beginning in the late Renaissance up to the present day, crossing its historical connections with the roots of the 20th century avant-garde. In an exhibition room, around 300 images compare three different ways of analyzing the Paris uprising of May 1968: the perspective of the rioters, the spectacularization of the media and the surveillance of state power, creating a sort of triptych. To demonstrate how an image can give a partial representation of reality.

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