Il Cioccolato, Café Osaka

Chocolate Gems limited Edition

Bvlgari’s fine chocolate gems available at Il Café in Osaka are crafted by hand of Maître Chocolatier in the laboratory in Tokyo. Tantalizing the palate with subtle and artful pairings, the creations form a perfect balance between sweet and bitter. A synthesis of pleasure in which chocolate and its ingredients form a remarkable combination of freshness, warmth and harmony on the palate, the exquisite Bvlgari chocolate miniatures celebrate the flavors and aromas of the Italian tradition.


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Il Ristorante - Luca Fantin

Fantin’s style is a contemporary interpretation of traditional, but elegant Italian cuisine, based on the use of top-quality Japanese local raw materials in season that are elaborated with refined techniques and great creativity.

Luca Fantin celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Il Ristorante Luca - Fantin in  September, 2019.


Dress code: Kindly ...

Il Cafe Osaka

Il Café

Open in Osaka in the landmark Umeda Hankyu department store, Il Café, the only café of Bvlgari expresses a timeless style with the contemporary design, and creates a refined ambience for enjoying unparalleled moments in a luxurious yet informal environment. Adjacent to the Bvlgari jewelry and watch shop, Il Café offers Bvlgari's bespoke service and ...


Il Cioccolato Ginza

Bvlgari fine handmade chocolates tantalize both the palate and the eye. Subtle and artful pairings create a perfect balance between sweet and bitter – a synthesis of pleasure when chocolate and unexpected, complementary tastes are harmonized to awaken the senses. The much-appreciated line of Bvlgari chocolate miniatures exalt the flavors and aromas ...


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