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The Arena and the Gladiator Gyms Come Back to Life

A multimedia installation and an exhibition of original finds from the Roman era which reproduce images of gladiators caught in typical fighting positions, with life-size reconstructions of their armor are the heart of Gladiators in the Arena. Between Colosseum and Ludus Magnus. The initiative arises from the recovery of the eastern cryptoporticus of the Colosseum which in Roman times connected the Arena with the district of the gymnasiums built by the emperor Domitian, of which the most famous one is the Ludus Magnus, the largest, but also the only one in where part of the ancient structures are preserved. Here the gladiators trained and prepared for performances. Thanks to a sophisticated multimedia presentation with holographic projections, the public will be offered a unified vision of the archaeological area, while the gladiators will return to plow the original floor of the cryptoporticus, advancing towards the Arena dressed in their heavy armour.

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