At the National Portrait Gallery, the “Oscars of Portraitists”

At the National Portrait Gallery, the “Oscars of Portraitists”

Lovers of the portrait from around the world, London’s calling. Once again this year, the BP Portrait Award, the world’s most prestigious portrait competition which features the best in contemporary portraiture, has chosen, for its 40th edition, the National Portrait Gallery. The winners were declared on 10 June. These works can be appreciated during this must-see event which has welcome 40,000 pieces from over 100 countries throughout its history.
There’s Charlie Schaffer, born in 1992, first prize winner with his portrait of his friend Imara, and there’s the Self-Portrait of Carl-Martin Sandvold, which highlights some of the ideas that guide the artist’s work in general. Then there’s the Portrait of Vincenza, the grandmother of Massimiliano Pironti, depicted in her kitchen, warming her hands on a hot-water bottle.
With a first prize of 35.000 pounds and overall prize money amounting to 74.000 pounds, the BP Portrait Award seeks to encourage artists to develop the portrait within their body of work.
Defined by the Daily Mail as the “Oscar of Portraitists”, the BP Portrait Award 2019, after leaving London, will head on to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh and the Ulster Museum in Belfast.
Samantha De Martin - © 2019 for Bulgari Hotel London