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The search for brotherhood in the faces from another world photographed by Mario Testino

It's almost a return to the origins, the new project that bears the signature of Mario Testino. Considered one of the most famous contemporary photographers internationally, he has for years been a point of reference of the highest importance in the art of fashion. There are those who have defined him as the "John Singer Sargent of our times", others have seen in his portraits a reference to the great Masters of the pictorial genre such as Goya and Rubens. His images have become as legendary as the people he photographed, from Kate Moss to Madonna, from Naomi Campbell to Lady D and many more. He was born in Peru in 1954 of Irish and Italian origins, but it was in London that Mario Testino began to make a name for himself and become a fashion photographer, collaborating with the most prestigious international publications. But today he seems to be looking in another direction, towards the world from which he comes. In Rome he presents an absolute preview of the new project to which he has dedicated the last seven years of his unconventional research. Since 2017 the photographer has drawn inspiration from the cultural identities of 30 different countries where he has travelled, focusing his art on exploring the cultural and traditional uniqueness still found in a rapidly globalizing world.

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