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The universe of Carla Accardi

One hundred works from some of the most important national and international public and private collections, as well as a group of historical works still owned by the artist, trace the story of the multifaceted path of Carla Accardi, one of the great protagonists of visual culture not only in Italy. Between the post-war period and the 2000s, Accardi went through the various seasons of Italian art, contributing to the birth and development of new ways of understanding the work of art, from abstract to informal painting, from conceptual painting to environment, from an art marked by the demands of feminism to the energetic painting of the 1980s, up to the grandiose syntheses of the 1990s and 2000s. Pruner of a powerful communicative force, Carla Accardi has always dialogued with younger artists and intellectuals over the various seasons of her work, keeping her curiosity about the world alive.

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