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The Arte Povera of Giovanni Anselmo
Giovanni Anselmo, Particolare di INFINITO, 1969-1979, A visible and measurable detail of the infinite in the form of an enlarged handwritten text in penscil on paper, 16 drawings, Collection of the Artist / Archivio Giovanni Anselmo

In his works Giovanni Anselmo tried to give a physical form to the force of an action, to the energy of a situation or an event. He had reflected at length on the philosophical themes dear to Georges Bataille and like many artists of his generation he too had joined the Arte Povera movement. One of the most emblematic works is undoubtedly Torsione, from 1968: a fustian cloth is twisted around an iron bar, whose movement is blocked due to the presence of a wall. Respiro is formed by two iron bars that hold a sponge: when the temperature drops and the metal shrinks, the sponge expands and seems to breathe.
Anselmo also tried his hand at artist's books. In Leggere ogni pagina he reports the same word in different dimensions, in Particolari visibile e misurabili di INFINITO the initial pages are completely black and gradually reveal details of the word infinito.
Organized by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in collaboration with MAXXI, the exhibition provides a comprehensive focus on Giovanni Anselmo’s artistic research and his fundamental impact on the development of the Arte Povera movement.

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