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The temple of football in Rome

The Olympic Stadium is the Olimpico. It may be that it carries with it the millenary memory of ancient amphitheaters and theaters, or the more recent one of the last match of AS Roma, the football team that together with Lazio competes for the hearts of the Capitoline fans. Even empty, the Olimpico manages to convey its sacredness. The visit itinerary includes access to places that belong to myth, such as the path of the legends of sport - but also of music - who wrote the history of the facility: one name above all Francesco Totti. The history of the Olympic Stadium is made up of great protagonists who have written unforgettable moments linked to this facility. From the Olympic victory of Livio Berruti, to the victorious captains, Dino Zoff and Giorgio Chiellini, to the exploits of the greatest of the two Capitoline teams, from Daniele De Rossi, to Giorgio Chinaglia and Ciro Immobile.
The tour allows you to visit the changing rooms, the trophy room, the playing field, the stands and entry into the "Be a Hero" pitch.

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