Swiss perfection treatments at Bvlgari Spa London

Swiss perfection treatments at Bvlgari Spa London

Bvlgari Spa London is one of the select few locations worldwide that offers a collection of personalised Luxury Anti-Ageing Facials by Swiss Perfection and their distinctive products.
Swiss Perfection's renowned Anti-Aging Clinic in Switzerland pioneered the world’s first Cellular Cosmetic Line, with the company taking great pride in having created the signature vegetal cellular compound, Cellular Active IRISA®. Obtained in a unique extraction process from the root of the Iris Germanica, this exclusive ingredient is high in enzymes and proteins that enables an increase in tissue-oxygenation, delivers optimal hydration, stimulates cell metabolism, whilst enhancing the skin’s natural renewal process.


Swiss Perfection’s expertly prescribed facials are based on a unique Anti-Ageing Transdermal System, incorporating deep cleansing, treatment masks, massage and customised aftercare. Using Cellular Active IRISA® technology, each facial is tailored to achieve a younger, smoother and naturally radiant complexion.


The Cellular Brightening Radiance experience offers a visible reduction in hyperpigmentation and improves texture whilst brightening the skin. This revolutionary facial is specifically designed to rapidly lighten dark spots, leaving an even complexion and refined pores.


During the month of April, Bvlgari Spa London would like to invite guests to enjoy this tailor-made facial with a complimentary glass of champagne.