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Shots by Helmut Newton in Rome

In Rome a major exhibition showcases the provocative charm of one of the greatest masters of twentieth-century photography. With over 200 works on display, the exhibition at Ara Pacis celebrates the aesthetics of Helmut Newton. Black and white photography with bold compositions, dramatic lighting and a fearless celebration of the female form. A large retrospective of the most famous photo shoots for the most important fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, but also intimate portraits of celebrities and personalities from cinema and culture, which tell how Newton was able to blend elegance, sensuality and narrative in a single frame. Newton's work transcends the boundaries of fashion photography, becoming a powerful visual language capable of exploring the female gaze, challenging traditional power dynamics and social norms. Her depictions of strong, confident women subvert convention and invite discourse on issues of gender, power and identity. Helmut Newton. Legacy at the Ara Pacis in Rome not only showcases the extraordinary visual legacy that Newton left for posterity, but also provides insight into his creative process and the influences that guided him: personal documents, sketches and handwritten notes that offer a glimpse into the mind of a visionary artist born in Berlin in 1920 and died in Los Angeles in 2004. The Ara Pacis museum space exclusively offers around ten images from shootings that Newton took in Rome, not presented in previous exhibitions. These are fashion shots that the photographer took, creating those ephemeral and intense atmospheres that only he could evoke, combining the charm of the capital with that of the subjects, chosen to embody his visions.

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