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The Thousand Sounds of Alvin Curran

Can music be put at the center of an exhibition in a large museum dedicated to contemporary art? This is the inevitable question that arises when faced with Hear Alvin Here, an exhibition that takes shape at the MACRO in Rome and which has as its subject and narrative theme none other than Alvin Curran, one of the most famous experimental musicians in the world. Born in America but Roman by adoption, Curran has made (and is making) the history of electronic music starting from his experiments in 1966 with Musica Elettronica Viva but over the years he has evolved greatly. Gradually his projects become more and more heterogeneous, including solo compositions, chamber and orchestral music, dance and theater music, radio works, musical choreographic works and environmental installations. Hear Alvin Here is a tribute to the long career of an elusive but central artist within the history of music and contemporary culture as a whole.

Veronica Azzari