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Save the Children

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15 Years with Save The Children

Bulgari celebrates 15 years with Save the Children

Over the last decade and a half, Bulgari's work with charity organization Save the Children has raised over 105 million dollars. With most of the money raised through the Bulgari and Save the Children custom jewellery collection, its proceeds have gone on to help more than two million children in 37 countries, improving their lives through education, youth programmes, emergency response and initiatives against poverty. Through its long-term goals, countless young lives have been changed.

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Bulgari Hotels and Resorts - Save The Children






Bulgari Hotels Save The Children Chef Romito

NIKO ROMITO大厨协同宝格丽和救助儿童会前往玻利维亚

自2009年,宝格丽和救助儿童会共同帮助有需要的儿童和年轻人,迄今为止,他们的合作已经使200多万人受益。在2016年,他们在玻利维亚开始了“青年潜能计划”,旨在帮助生活在南美洲国家那些经济非常困难社区里的青少年培养技能、建立信心。十月份,Niko Romito大厨前往拉巴斯,传授参加该课程的年轻人如何制作面包。对于Niko大厨,食品和烹调是一种激情,能够和新一代分享这种激情,同时赋予他们力量,是一种得益非浅的经验。

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Bulgari Save The Children - Punto Luce

The Punto Luce della Arti艺术中心

宝格丽与救助儿童会是位于罗马郊区沿海小镇奥斯蒂亚Punto Luce delle Arti艺术中心的赞助者。这个中心建立在一所废弃的校园内,旨在支持该地区的年轻人,为他们提供免费活动、教育,开设电影、摄影和设计等课程。中心期待在第一年迎接1000名少年儿童,为他们提供前所未有的技能和创造性发展机会,补充他们的教育。奥斯蒂亚中心是救助儿童会的24个教育中心之一,该中心的建立代表宝格丽对下一代的持续投资,以及对她深爱的国家的回报。


Bulgari Hotels and Resorts - Save the Children

Bulgari supports some of Save the Children's key strategic areas of intervention with a targeted focus on education, as it is the company's bold belief that no lasting development is made without education and learning. Interventions target the children most difficult to reach, while tackling the growing problem of urban poverty and supporting the most vulnerable children: newborns.
Over the past decade, the world has made amazing progress in reducing child mortality but this could stall without urgent action to tackle scandalously high numbers of newborn deaths. Bulgari has decided to take a stand in this global effort, saving the lives of 50,000 babies and their mothers through a financial commitment of €1 million. With enormous influence and unrivaled experience on the ground, Save the Children is the world’s largest independent international organization running programs in developing as well as developed countries. Teaming up with Bulgari’s brand ambassadors, it continues its exemplary work wherever its support is needed most. To date, Save the Children’s programs have reached over 600,000 children and trained over 20,000 teachers through educational activities and initiatives in more than 1,200 schools, many of which are located in areas affected by conflict, extreme poverty or emergencies. Bulgari’s donations benefit under-privileged children in 23 countries, including: Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, India, Italy, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Montenegro, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, the UK and the US.

Bulgari Hotels and Resorts - Save the Children

In 2009, Bulgari decided to take action on behalf of disadvantaged children around the world partnering with Save the Children.

Bulgari has once again renewed its commitment to the collaboration with the new #WITHMEWITHYOU campaign and the introduction of a new pendant necklace. Inspired by Bulgari's B.zero1 Rock, the sterling silver necklace features a round pendant with edgy metallic studs. Beginning on January 1st 2024, Bulgari will donate €95 from every sale to support Save the Children programmes around the world.

Shot by Italian photographer Fabrizio Ferri, who has worked on previous Bulgari and Save the Children campaigns, #WITHMEWITHYOU focuses on the chain of connections created by this partnership. Starring Anne Hathaway, Eva Herzigova and many other friends of the Maison, it's a story of the powerful links that exist between humans, and the strength that comes from working together.