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Hōseki Restaurant

예약 문의

Hōseki Restaurant

Meaning “gemstone” in Japanese, Hōseki is a minimalist jewel-box of a destination where guests can enjoy a one-of-a-kind gastronomic treat by Chef Masahiro Sugiyama. With just nine seats, dining at Hōseki is a unique Omakase experience, the most traditional way to savor Japanese food which means “I leave it to you”. After arriving through a special Tokonoma, or entry room, guests turn their palates over to the whims of the chef.

Chef Sugiyama bases his courses on the preferences of those seated at the counter, as well as on the freshest and best ingredients of the day, so no two meals are exactly alike—but every single one is an exceptional journey into the heart of Japan’s culinary tradition.

The dining room overlooks the Dubai skyline, so that each intimate dinner is accompanied by a glittering view. For groups, there is a private dining room that seats up to twelve.

Located on the 4th floor of the Resort, Hōseki is open for lunch and dinner and reservations are required.


Opening Hours

The restaurant which is located on the 4th floor of the Resort is open for lunch and dinner five days a week and closes on Sunday and Monday. Reservations are required as there is no walk-in policy. Hōseki opens for lunch from 12.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. with last order at 2.00 p.m., and reopens for dinner from 6.30 p.m. to 12.00 a.m. with two seating options at 6.30 p.m. and 9.30 p.m.


For bookings please call +971 4 777 5433 or email  dine@bulgarihotels.com

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