A sustainable 5 star luxury hotel in Beijing


Green Initiatives

Bvlgari Hotel Beijing is proud of its variety of practices in the interest of sustainability, such as state-of-the-art insulation from thermal conditions, harvest of rainwater, LED lights in all areas to save power effectively and computer controlled systems that switch off lights and draw curtains when the guests leave the room.



Bvlgari Hotel Beijing also favors environmentally friendly initiatives as much as possible:

  • The sculpted gardens that surround the property, designed by landscape artist Enzo Enea, extend to the Liangma River, creating an oasis of green serenity while offering public walkways along the river and a park for hotel guests.
  • Recognizing the time required to create a luxuriant landscape, Enea hand-picked dozens of aged trees, including a collection of 200-year-old pine trees from Taian, Shangdong province that were planted in the hotel’s garden while construction was underway, to give them the time to adapt to Beijing’s soil and climate.
  • The Hotel hosts outdoor yoga class at the garden on a regular basis in the warm seasons, providing an opportunity for hotel guests to rejuvenate the body, soothe the soul and focus on their wellbeing.
  • Complimentary use of Italian designed MomoDesign bikes is offered to guests to explore Beijing’s vibrant neighborhoods.
  • A “jogging map” is provided to hotel guests who want to work out and jog around.


Local Culture

Bvlgari Hotel Beijing provides various traditional cultural activities such as Tea Ceremony and Tai Chi class to those guests who prefer to see and experience the city as locals.


Local Community

The management is also committed to supporting local community initiatives. The Hotel works with Holt International Foundation of China, an organization that provides critical care and support to orphaned and vulnerable children, provides assistance and pays regular visits to them.