Van Gogh

The post-impressionist Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh returns to Milan with a major exhibition. Palazzo Reale will host the exhibit that is an authentic, poetic dialogue between the man, earth and work, retracing Van Gogh’s artistic career through his works as well as the main themes he used to paint reflecting the states of his mind. The recurring themes are related to the cycles of rural life, like ploughing in the fields and harvesting. The artist’s works always reflect the human effort in order to control and dominate the phases of nature.

The exhibition will be on display until November 2015 at Palazzo Reale, Milan, just a few minute taxi ride from the Hotel.


VAN GOGH, Man, Earth, Work

From October 2014 to November 2015

Palazzo Reale

Piazza del Duomo 12, Milan

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