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The Bulgari Lounge

With a contemporary design by the architectural firm ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, The Bulgari Lounge offers elegant all-day dining in the comfort and glamour of an Italian-style "living room". In addition to Executive Chef Adriano Cavagnini’s savoury menu of Italian classics, The Bulgari Lounge is also home to a residency with the eminent pastry chef and chocolatier Gianluca Fusto.


Menu Festive Afternoon Tea Menu

Bulgari Hotel London - Festive Afternoon Tea


As London swirls to life with the holiday spirit, Bulgari Hotel London launches its new Festive Afternoon Tea — a delightful accompaniment to a day of Knightsbridge shopping.
Resident pastry chef and chocolatier Gianluca Fusto weaves together a rich tapestry of seasonal sweetness featuring the nutty decadence of almonds, chestnuts and the richness of vanilla caramel for a velvety crunch.



Bulgari Hotel London - Aromatica


The Aromatica layers caramel, orange and cinnamon to evoke the warming flavours of the season. Chocolate streusel, mousse and ganache come together in a rich symphony of texture and depth, making for a delightful Mono Porzione dessert that's too good not to share.

Bulgari Hotel London The Bulgari Lounge Dolci Arachide


Nutty, savoury peanuts are the star of the creation, featuring layers of peanut sponge and peanut cream. Dulce de leche adds sweetness while a vanilla bean namelaka enriches the sweet with subtle depth of character, layering beautifully with the peanut.

Bulgari Hotel London Dolci Gianluca Fusto Orchid


Made with Tahitian Vanilla, Madagascar Vanilla, Pecan Pralines and White Chocolate, Orchid, the mono porzione dessert by Gianluca Fusto, it's a tempting taste of spring sweetness — and the perfect way to brighten up a late winter afternoon.

Bulgari Hotel London The Bulgari Lounge Maya


Inspired by Mexico, this rich dessert is made with intense Tulakalum chocolate, Ispica Sesame from Sicily and caramel. A collision of flavours and cultures with unique provenance.

Bulgari Hotel London The Bulgari Lounge Torte Black Caprese


Savoury black olives add depth to this inspired dessert, featuring white and dark almonds and rare Manjari chocolate from Madagascar.

Bulgari Hotel London The Bulgari Lounge Dolci Hazelnut


A classic combination of hazelnut and milk and dark Gianduia chocolate, it’s crafted with Gianluca Fusto’s signature attention to detail.

Bulgari Hotel London Mono Porzione Crostata


Nutty and nuanced, this crisp sweet is made with three distinctive types of Sicilian almonds for a taste of Italian terroir.

Bulgari Hotel London The Bulgari Lounge Delizia Limone


It’s all in the name. The Delizia al Limone is a love letter to Amalfi’s most famous citrus fruit, a symphony of lemon cream, sponge and jam bursting with sunny brightness.

Bulgari Hotel London The Bulgari Lounge Creme Caramel


A thoroughly Bulgari reimagining of the traditional crème caramel, made precious with Italian saffron and orange biscuits known as diamanti. Served with vanilla whipped cream.

Bulgari Hotels London Dolci Tiramisu


The prince of Northern Italian Dolci reimagined by Gianluca Fusto as a light and contemporary dessert, layering mascarpone with single origin Colombian and Parisienne coffee and a side scoop of Tiramisu sorbet.

Bulgari Hotels London Dolci Cioccolato

Il Cioccolato

Il Cioccolato is Bulgari’s master chocolatier, whose stunning chocolate “gems” are crafted with the same exacting sensibility Bulgari brings to all of its creations. First launched in Tokyo in 2007, its specialty is handmade chocolates made with the most precious local and seasonal ingredients. Limited edition boxes make exceptional gifts for all kinds of occasions, or guests may choose to enjoy a hand-picked assortment alongside a new drinks pairing offered in the Bulgari Lounge.

Bulgari Hotel London The Bulgari Lounge Dolci


08.00 a.m. to midnight, from Monday to Saturday

08.00 am to 11.00 pm, Sundays and bank holidays

Afternoon Tea – 2pm to 5pm, advance bookings only


To make a booking please call +44 (0)20 7151 1102 or email

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