Beyond and inside the showcase

Beyond and inside the showcase

An exhibition space for artefacts and at the same time a wall to protect them, the showcase is an important element in the furnishing of art places, especially in some museums, such as ethnographic ones. The original exhibition at Mudec reviews the various nuances of a shop window, including that linked to the theme of desire.
The dreamlike images of the shop windows created by the legendary designer and window dresser Gene Moore for Tiffany, and those of the displays by designers Albe Steiner, Giancarlo Iliprandi and Roberto Sambonet for La Rinascente in the second half of the twentieth century underline the preciousness of the objects that a shop window can preserve. The itinerary ends with a focus on the display case in the practice of contemporary art, through works by Mark Dion, Sam Durant and a site-specific installation by Monia Ben Hamouda, which aims to deconstruct the practice of the display case and, metaphorically, of the museum itself .

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