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With a contemporary design by the architectural firm ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, The Bulgari Lounge offers elegant all-day dining in the comfort and glamour of an Italian-style "living room". In addition to Executive Chef Adriano Cavagnini’s savoury menu of Italian classics, The Bulgari Lounge is also home to a residency with the eminent pastry chef and chocolatier Gianluca Fusto.


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Yinka Ilori X Bulgari Hotel London Afternoon Tea

Bulgari Hotels London Yinka Ilori

Afternoon Tea

To mark the 10-year anniversary of Bulgari Hotel London, its latest Afternoon Tea introduces an inspired collaboration with London-based artist Yinka Ilori, born from a joint obsession with bold colour and a celebration of the multicultural mosaic of the capital.

Bulgari Hotels London Lounge Yinka Ilori

From sculptural tea stands to vibrant linen napkins, the artist's signature aesthetic comes to life in The Bulgari Lounge. Pastries featured in the special Afternoon Tea are inspired by Yinka’s design and created by award-winning Italian pastry chef and chocolatier-in-residence, Gianluca Fusto.

Afternoon Tea Menu


Bulgari Hotels London Dolci Tiramisu


The prince of Northern Italian Dolci reimagined by Gianluca Fusto as a light and contemporary dessert, layering mascarpone with single origin Colombian and Parisienne coffee and a side scoop of Tiramisu sorbet.

Bulgari Hotels London Dolci Auguri


Hailing from Piedmont, a region in North-Western Italy known for its hazelnuts, this delicate mousse pastry translates to ‘Happy Birthday’ to mark our 10th year anniversary featuring the unique flavour combination of gianduja and lemon to symbolise the elegance and style of our heritage.

Bulgari Hotels London Dolci Lucente


Bold and bright, Lucente is inspired by the blinding Mediterranean sun in a crunchy and mousy pastry filled with Mandarin cream and infused with Amaretto for a full almond flavour to reminisce the carefree Italian summer days.

Bulgari Hotels London Dolci Miele


Raw and natural, Miele is a delicacy all about the thistle honey from Sicily on a crunchy Sable Breton biscuit base and lemon sponge topped with a layer of peanut cream and chocolate strings for a pleasantly intense sweet finish.

Bulgari Hotels London Dolci Cioccolato

Il Cioccolato

Il Cioccolato is Bulgari’s master chocolatier, whose stunning chocolate “gems” are crafted with the same exacting sensibility Bulgari brings to all of its creations. First launched in Tokyo in 2007, its specialty is handmade chocolates made with the most precious local and seasonal ingredients. Limited edition boxes make exceptional gifts for all kinds of occasions, or guests may choose to enjoy a hand-picked assortment alongside a new drinks pairing offered in the Bulgari Lounge.



08.00 a.m. to midnight, from Monday to Saturday

08.00 am to 11.00 pm, Sundays and bank holidays

Afternoon Tea – 2pm to 5pm, advance bookings only


'Yinka Ilori x Bulgari Hotel London' Afternoon Tea will be available from 23 September 2022, Monday to Sunday from 14.00 to 17.00.


To make a booking please call +44 (0)20 7151 1102 or email


Bulgari Hotels London Yinka Ilori x Bulgari Afternoon Tea

Bulgari Hotel London Celebrates 10 Years with a special Afternoon Tea

In 2022 Bulgari Hotel London commissioned artist Yinka Ilori to create a unique artwork to mark the hotels first decade in London.   The collaboration chimes ...



Bulgari Hotel London The Bulgari Spa Pool


ユニークなブルガリ スパ体験の呼び物は、ロンドン中心部でもっとも印象的なプライベートプール施設でしょう。ラウンジとキャビンが付属した列柱が美しい25メートルのスイミングプールは、歴史に名を残した建築家パラディオの時代から偉大なイタリアの建築家のシンボルとなっているヴィチェンツァ石で覆われています ...

Bulgari Hotel London The Bulgari Spa Membership


ブルガリ スパでは、カスタマイズ可能なブルガリのトリートメントに、ワークショップ ジムナジウムのトレーニングとブルガリ スパだけのアセスメントのサービスと組み合わせた、個人およびジョイントプライベート会員制度を限定数で提供します。会員の皆様には、弊社の専門チームの完全なガイダンスとサポートを受けつつ ...


ブルガリ スパ

ホテルの頂点にあるものとして、ブルガリ スパは多くの方々のご好評を得ております。美容、ジェントルマンズ グルーミング、健康のための各種トリートメントの最新のものをご利用いただけます。お客様お一人お一人のご要望に合わせた長期間生活改善プログラムに向けたスペシャリストによるトリートメントを ...



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