The Design


Bvlgari Hotel Beijing exudes integrity in every detail of its design. A distinct vision conceived of and executed by the Italian architectural firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, there is a consistency and harmony in the way the interior meets the exterior — and the way each carefully chosen piece complements its surroundings.

The aesthetic of the Hotel draws on the style of Bvlgari Hotel Milano, the original jewel of the Bvlgari Hotel Collection. Material is paramount, evoking a sensibility first pioneered in the 1930s.

There is an ongoing interplay between architectural restraint and atmospheric indulgence — a careful balance between rigor and softness, a story told through textures, materials and smart juxtapositions.

With its sleek limestone façade and bronze windows, Bvlgari Hotel Beijing resembles a sophisticated residence. Interiors conjure the world of Bvlgari in black granite and white travertine, marble baths and lush textiles. Rooms are decorated with iconic Dolce Vita-era photographs from the Bvlgari collection, as well as contemporary furniture from Italy’s most renowned designers.

what's on at the hotel

Bvlgari Symposia returns to Beijing and Shanghai

On 22th July and on 29th July, Bvlgari Symposia returns to Beijing and Shanghai for two exclusive evenings of cocktails and culture, hosted in partnership with the Chinese bar industry platform DRiNK and Italian spirit Campari. The event will showcase the talents of five guest bartenders — widely considered the top bartenders in China’s competitive ...

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