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Bvlgari Restaurant Tokyo Osaka - Gelatine

Gelatine alla Frutta at il cioccolato

Il Cioccolato lightens up for summer with the introduction of a new Fruit Jelly gift box. Dusted with sugar, each gem-like paté captures the flavour of a single ripe fruit: pear, strawberry, apricot, peach and mango. Beautifully balancing sweetness and acidity, they are made without any artificial flavours or colours, their richness and depth a ...

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Il Ristorante - Luca Fantin

Fantin’s style is a contemporary interpretation of traditional, but elegant Italian cuisine, based on the use of top-quality Japanese local raw materials in season that are elaborated with refined techniques and great creativity.

Bvlgari Restaurant Tokyo - Osaka - La Terrazza

La Terrazza Dom Pérignon Lounge

Perched high atop the Bvlgari Ginza Tower, the Dom Pérignon Lounge is the epitome of modern elegance. Available by reservation only, the open-air terrace is the perfect setting for special occasions and celebrations. The contemporary design includes lush Italian gardens and unparalleled views of Tokyo, making it one of the city's standout spots for ...



The fairy-tale wedding becomes real, at the Bvlgari Ginza Tower in Tokyo, whre bride and groom can have the personalised Bvlgari wedding of their dreams. This ultimate wedding experience can be customisable or complete, from the engagement rings to the dinner, from the wedding dress to the honeymoon.
The stylish wedding celebrations in ...