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La Pasticceria - Niko Romito

La Pasticceria - Niko Romito, an exclusive collection of 11 pastries created by Chef Niko Romito, is now available at Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts in Milan, Dubai, Beijing and Shanghai. Each single-portioned pastry is inspired by a different region in Italy, and crafted for a modern palate with lighter ingredients than the traditional recipes. Pastries are beautifully executed to be enjoyed in the lounge on colourful Richard Ginori plates. For Afternoon Tea, mignon versions of the pastries are available, the perfect addition to an assortment that includes organic teas and savoury snacks.

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Cannoncino alla Crema Pasticcera

Hailing from Piedmont, this delicate puff pastry is filled with custard cream and carefully folded to obtain a uniform width that perfectly complements the sweet interior.

Torta Mimosa

A Ligurian specialty associated with International Women’s Day, which is symbolized by the mimosa flower. Each cake is topped with cubes of cake to resemble the gorgeous flower.

Monte Bianco

Created in 19th century Piedmont, this dessert is named after the snowy peaks of Mont Blanc. Traditionally made with chestnut purée, this version uses natural chestnuts for a lighter taste.

Cannolo Siciliano

The Sicilian classic, featuring a biscuit rolled into a perfect cylinder and filled with ricotta and organic pistachio crumble.

Torta Caprese

This flourless Neapolitan classic comes from Capri. It’s made with vegetable fats to make it lighter than the traditional version.

Crostata Crema e Frutta Fresca

A traditional fruit tart with a shortbread crust, it is topped with a layer of custard and the freshest seasonal fruit.


Originating in the Sicilian capital of Palermo, the cassata cake is a favourite sweet of the region. Rich in history, flavour and aroma, it conjures the unique terroir of Sicily in every bite.

Babà Crema e Fragole

Soaked in rum and topped with fresh cream and strawberries, this dessert was a favourite of Neapolitan aristocracy and its secret lies in the kneading and rising time of the dough.


These small round puff pastry choux are filled with cream and topped with melted chocolate, a Tuscan specialty whose name comes from the French profit, meaning little gift.

Frolla, Lamponi e Nocciole

From the Italian Tyrol, or Trentino Alto Adige region, this masterpiece layers hazelnut shortbread, raspberry preserves and sliced nuts. The shortbread is made without butter.

Millefoglie alla Vaniglia

One of the most popular desserts in the world, this sweet originates in Lombardy and layers delicate puff pastry with vanilla cream.

The Lobby Lounge at the Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai


The Lounge is open from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.


Il Giardino at The Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai

イル ジャルディーノ

ラウンジの前にあるイタリア式庭園は、個人のパーティーやイベントの会場としてもご利用いただけます。緑が生い茂るロマンティックなセッティングは、ブルガリ ホテル ミラノのイタリア式庭園を思い出させるものとなっています。


場所: メインホテルの1F

Il Bar by night at The Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai

The Bvlgari Bar

イル・リストランテ – ニコ・ロミート とともに第47フロアにあるイル バールは、外灘(バンド)の水面、浦東金融街のスカイラインの美しい景色を背景に、宝石のように輝いています。イル・バールの中心作品はオーバルカウンターです。有名なローマのバルカッチャ噴水からインスピレーションを得てブルガリ ...

la Terrazza by night at The Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai


ブルガリ ホテル上海の屋上でイタリアンスタイルを提供するラ・テラッツァは、目が覚めるように美しい上海のスカイラインを見渡せる場所です。イタリアのリビエラのリゾートにインスピレーションを得た都会のオアシスです。チーク材のデッキ、アイボリーのクッション入りアームチェア、カーテンが施されたカバナにより ...



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