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Rome: balanced between painting and photography, between ancient and modern

Rome has come into the sights of Claudia Peill, an artist who works between painting and photography, mixing levels to the point of confusing the gaze of the observer. In her visions of Rome the ancient merges and confuses with the industrial context of the city. Photography is used to establish the archeology of the present, while painting has the task of representing the future made up of voids still to be filled. Claudia Peill processes the photographic image digitally, extrapolating fragments of reality from a specific place and re-proposing them as decontextualized forms. These are counterbalanced by the pictorial stratifications made up of chromatic superimpositions, silent pauses that complete the narrative of the photographic image. A phrase by Rudolf Arnheim well summarizes Peill's work: "...the present is full of tangible matter, the remote future still empty".

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