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Women and Environmental Art

MAXXI receives the baton of a relay inaugurated at the Haus der Kunst in Munich. Last year the German institution conceived and hosted the exhibition project Inside Other Spaces. Environments by Women Artists 1956-1976 dedicated to the contribution of women to the history of one of the forms of artistic expression perhaps less investigated today: the nature of environments.
Now the Roman museum is linked to that project and amplifies its content, reaching up to 2010, the year of completion of the architecture of the Museum designed by Zaha Hadid. On the border between art, architecture and design Environments 1956-2010. Environments by Women Artists II shows a selection of three-dimensional and immersive works, which are activated thanks to the interaction of the public and are completed by the human presence. The new chapter developed by MAXXI investigates some particular aspects of environmental art such as the relationship with public space and the introduction of new technologies.

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