Fine handmade chocolate at Il Cioccolato Bvlgari in Dubai

Il Cioccolato

Bvlgari’s signature chocolate boutique Il Cioccolato brings the artistry of the jeweller to the fine art of chocolate making. Specialising in handcrafted chocolate gems, the shop features unique flavour combinations inspired by the season and the finest local ingredients.

The Art of Chocolate Making

Il Cioccolato’s mitres chocolatiers approach chocolate making with the same artistry and inspiration that is at the heart of every Bvlgari creation. Handmade using time-tested techniques and the finest ingredients, sourced locally and abroad, Bvlgari’s distinctive

chocolate gems are daring, combining elegant flavours in rare combinations that dazzle like jewels behind their glass-enclosed counter. Layered with richness and nuanced aromas, Bvlgari chocolate gems represent an indulgent facet of the Bvlgari universe.

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