A sustainable 5 star luxury resort in Dubai

Bulgari Resort Dubai Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

The Bvlgari Resort Dubai is proud to join the “Give a Ghaf - Heritage Forest” project together with a large number of associates from Marriott International Hotels in the UAE.

The Bvlgari Resort Dubai participates to the project taking action in vast desert cleaning and tree planting activities within the 500-hectare Al Wadi Nature Reserve, aiming at raising awareness on sustainability and environmental consciousness.

The unique initiative, at its II edition, was born as part of the World Planting Day and the International Day of Forests from the passion and commitment of several organizations to make the UAE greener and more sustainable. An indigenous species, named the UAE National Tree, the Ghaf is a drought – tolerant, evergreen tree that is, possibly, the sturdiest plant of the harsh desert environment.

Sustainability Program

Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts are passionately dedicated to taking care of the planet, and adhering to the highest standards for sustainability. With that in mind, Bvlgari Resort Dubai uses a multi-layered approach that covers three areas — ecological, financial and social well-being. Measures to reduce the Resort’s footprint include plastic free amenities; biodegradable key cards, energy-saving features within the Resort’s design; solar-heated water; waste-reduction initiatives; sustainably-sourced supplies; no endangered fish on menus and an expanded array of vegetarian options; Tesla cars to transport guests; an option to reuse linens and towels to reduce water waste; and ongoing participation in beach and desert clean-up efforts, blood donation, and food and clothes donations.