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Journey into the fantastic world of illusions

The senses deceive us because things are not as they appear. There would be a vast philosophical literature to debate the topic, but today there is no need. Just try it to believe it. At the Museum of Illusions the promise is kept: you can put into practice in person what is considered impossible in nature. Crossing the Vortex Tunnel it will seem like you have to struggle laboriously to take a single step forward: the walkway seems to oscillate but it is guaranteed that it is firm and stable. The laws of gravity and physics are challenged: in the Upside Down Room the order of things is reversed, in the Infinity Room you can savor freedom and a little further on you immerse yourself in a world of holograms. Every illusion is real and funny, reminding us that our beliefs about the world around us are often nothing more than a distortion of reality. The journey continues in the Smart Playroom, a real training camp for the mind: a gym to train learning processes, develop creative thinking and strategy development skills. Absolutely not to be missed.

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