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On the trail of a talented family of artists

Filippo and Filippino. Father and son. We are talking about the Lippis, a family of exceptionally talented artists who profoundly influenced art during the Florentine Renaissance. Both painters and draughtsmen of exceptional talent, the Lippis are told in an exhibition through documents of the time and a selection of paintings and drawings that help to tell the points of contact and differences between two Masters of the history of Italian art. Born in Florence in 1406, Filippo Lippi, the father, was together with Beato Angelico and Domenico Veneziano the most important Florentine painter of the generation that followed in Masaccio's footsteps. Filippino, born in Prato in 1457, studied in Sandro Botticelli's workshop and was greatly influenced by his stay in Rome, a city where, thanks to the intercession of Lorenzo de' Medici, he created a fresco in the family chapel of Cardinal Oliviero Carafa in Santa Mary above Minerva.

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