Pino Pascali, the exhibitionist

Pino Pascali, the exhibitionist

As the curator of the exhibition, Mark Godfrey, writes in the catalogue: “Pino Pascali is an artist who is always current because he was an exhibitionist." With great anticipation of his times, he understood that post-war artists had to dedicate as much energy to exhibition activity as they did to studio work. Pino Pascali's career was radiant, a brilliant character who explored themes and topics of contemporary society in a profound and amusing way. He was born in Bari in 1935, he moved to Rome in 1955 to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. He worked as an assistant set designer on various television productions and collaborated as a set designer for cinema. In 1965 he held his first solo exhibition at the Galleria La Tartaruga in Rome. Three years later he tragically died in a motorbike accident at the age of 32, in the same year as his monographic presentation at the Venice Art Biennale.
In Pascali's art, the two souls of the artist, sculptor and set designer at the same time, combine. He used natural elements such as soil and water, mixing them with building materials such as "eternit". He brought new consumer products and synthetic fabrics into the studio to create animals, traps and bridges. In the society of the image Pascali was perfectly at ease. His artistic research is more relevant today than ever.

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