Framework Assessment

Framework Assessment
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WORKSHOP pioneers a new level of comprehensive workout based on its innovative FRAMEWORK assessment.

A complete departure from its rivals and the recent glut of more trend-led workouts, WORKSHOP will mark a return to a gym’s core values and at heart is a simple, unpretentious and above all, invigorating workout.

Exclusive to WORKSHOP, and to the UK, is its FRAMEWORK assessment – a series of tests including:

  • Movement and Nutrition Genetic Analysis – determines the type, duration and frequency of exercise that works best for the individual
  • Food Intolerance – 95 foods are tested to identify which foods may be contributing to muscle and joint pain as well as helping to speed up a client’s recovery from exercise
  • Metabolic Testing – an exercise test performed on an exercise bike or treadmill to determine what training intensity the client needs to work at to burn the most fat possible
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) – this assessment helps to identify limitations, imbalances and asymmetries in 7 fundamental movements that are key to moving optimally, essentially reducing the risk of injury
  • Body Composition Assessment – an assessment to determine where an individual stores stubborn fat, in turn helping to identify hormonal imbalances and other key health concerns

The resulting information from the FRAMEWORK assessment provides clients with a goal-orientated, personal guidebook that will lay out specific targets allowing them to go on to achieve optimal health and a more refined body.