Fine handmade chocolate at Bulgari Dolci in Milan

The Art of Making Chocolate
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Bulgari Dolci

Bulgari Hotels & Resort Il Cioccolato

First launched in Tokyo in 2007, master chocolatier Il Cioccolato is home to Bulgari Hotel's signature fine handmade chocolates. Designed to tempt the palate and the eye, artful chocolate "gems" are created using the most precious local and seasonal ingredients, with limited edition creations released throughout the year. Flavours such as saffron, white fig and balsamic, pear and caramel, jasmine and extra virgin olive oil showcase the depth and richness of the artisanally crafted assortment and are available to be enjoyed in the Lounge or at one's leisure.

Bulgari Hotels & Resort Il Cioccolato

The Art of Chocolate Making

Il Cioccolato’s maîtres chocolatiers approach chocolate making with the same artistry and inspiration that is at the heart of every Bulgari creation. Handmade using time-tested techniques and the finest ingredients, sourced locally and abroad, Bulgari’s distinctive

chocolate gems are daring, combining elegant flavours in rare combinations that dazzle like jewels behind their glass-enclosed counter. Layered with richness and nuanced aromas, Bulgari chocolate gems represent an indulgent facet of the Bulgari universe.