Fine handmade chocolate at Il Cioccolato Bvlgari in Milan


Il Cioccolato

First launched in Tokyo in 2007, master chocolatier Il Cioccolato is home to Bvlgari Hotel's signature fine handmade chocolates. Designed to tempt the palate and the eye, artful chocolate "gems" are created using the most precious local and seasonal ingredients, with limited edition creations released throughout the year. Flavours such as saffron, white fig and balsamic, pear and caramel, jasmine and extra virgin olive oil showcase the depth and richness of the artisanally crafted assortment and are available to be enjoyed in the Lounge or at one's leisure.


对每颗巧克力的制作,Il Cioccolato的大师都发挥他们高超的艺术技巧匠心制作,而且都会一丝不苟、注入同样的精神,这就是宝格丽巧克力艺术创作的核心。宝格丽的珍品巧克力是大师用久经考验的工艺、精选当地和国外食材完全手工制作的,他们大胆地将优雅风味组合在罕见搭配中,创作出的珍宝巧克力犹如玻璃柜台内那一组组光芒耀眼的珠宝,用那层层飘香、丰富且微妙的香气,流露着代表宝格丽世界的执著。