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In the fantasy world of Serafini

In 1981 Luigi Serafini published the Codex Seraphinianus, an editorial work composed of a collection of a thousand drawings made between 1976 and 1978. It was a sort of encyclopedic book, written in a fantastic language where every single object or image he is the bearer of zoological, mechanical, botanical and alien knowledge in constant metamorphosis. In over 40 years of work, Serafini, who is an artist, but also an architect, author and designer, has developed research outside the more conventional contexts of art. With the exhibition Una casa ontologica (An Ontological House) he conceived an expanded work, an environment within the museum in which he sought his imaginative attitude through the reworking of the interiors of his Roman home. On display is an eclectic selection of Serafini's production ranging from sculpture to the design of everyday objects, from hand drawing to photography, from publications to the invention of languages.

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